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A game by EngimaDragons for Ludum Dare 45

Created by: Silas Reinagel, Noah Reinagel, Mark Arneman, GraphicEdit, Amerigo Gazaway, and GordyKeene


You Gotta Be Kitten Me is a 3D Platformer built in Unity 2019. You play as a mutant cat attempting to escape from the A.C.F (Animal Cruelty Factory). As you progress through the laboratory the cat unlocks new abilities allowing the player to get closer to escaping.


The game features an ‘Ironcat’ hard mode and a speedrun timer


Key Action
WASD Movement
LMB Slash
RMB Rend
Shift Dash
Space Laser Eyes

Source Code:

Soundtrack 🎵

Download the original game soundtrack (composed by Amerigo Gazaway) on Bandcamp:.


Download 35 MB
Download 36 MB
Download 36 MB
You Gotta Be Kitten Me! (Original Game Soundtrack) by Amerigo Gazaway 15 MB


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love the style