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Angst was created for LDJam46 in 72 hours, for the theme of Keeping It Alive. Naturally we ran out of time so here is some helpful info:

  • Pills are really effective.
  • All interactables can be more effective by pairing with the right item in your inventory.
  • Demons have weaknesses against specific items.
  • Use your journal to track your progress.


Angst is a 2D adventure-exploration game about fighting one's inner demons.

Help a socially anxious lady to make it through a day at her office job without having a panic attack.

Learn how to fight your inner demons by finding healthy ways to discover comfort in a busy and crazy world! You'll encounter various demons inside her "mind forest", use the environment to push them away and get back to the office.


  • Space/Return - interact
  • WSAD - (move)
  • ESC - pause
  • J - journal

Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Zip
  2. Unzip to a folder of your choice
  3. Run `angst.exe`

Source Code:


Soundtrack 🎵

Stream/download "Angst (Original Game Soundtrack)" on Bandcamp: 


A game by Enigma Dragons in collaboration with MLC (https://maxlouiscreative.com/)

  • Executive Producer - Silas Reinagel
  • Lead Game Designer - Max Louis (MLC)
  • Lead Programmer - Noah Reinagel
  • Lead Artist - Ludmila Sosa (MLC)
  • Programmer - Jaroslav Vozar
  • Programmer - Mark
  • Animator - GraphicEdit
  • Environment Art - Youghurt (MLC)
  • Lighting Artist - Ricardo Hoyos (MLC)
  • "Pauline" Namer - Cassie Conway
  • Music Composer - Amerigo Gazaway
  • Sound Designer - Trevyn (MLC)
  • Tester - Gordy
  • Tester - Mustafa Contractor
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorEnigma Dragons
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


Angst_Win_0.1.5_PostJamVersion.zip 58 MB
Angst_Mac_0.1.5.zip 58 MB
Angst_Win_0.1.3_FixedJamVersion.zip 57 MB
Angst_Mac_0.1.3.zip 58 MB
Angst_Win_0.1.2_InitialJamVersion.zip 55 MB
Angst (Original Game Soundtrack).zip 38 MB


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I like the concept of the game but I'm really confused. What's the point of us being in the woods? Are we trying to find a hidden exit or just going around collecting items that moves the dialogue /story around? Speaking of collecting items what do we do with them? There's no button to activate them or any explanation on how to use them. 

Sorry that some of these things are unclear.

1) The woods are a representation of the emotional state of Pauline. It's a visualization of how she feels. This is what her world is like, even though, physically, she is still in the office.

2) The goal is to help Pauline make it through a whole day without having a Panic Attack. This means that each time she is in the forest, you are trying to defeat the Demons you are facing.

3) The collectable items can power up the corresponding Comforts that can be found in a forest. This can lead to some interesting sequencing decisions. Read the journal for hints about which items empower which Comforts. So, if you have Sugar in your inventory and then you find and drink Coffee, it's more effective than if you just had the coffee without sugar, for example.

Thank you, this is really helpful

The girl is so! Cute!#Ilovedonuts


I couldn't figure this game out. I don't know if it was a glitch or if I wasn't completely understanding all the mechanics. I feel like there could be more awareness of this mentality as there were only a few things that showed me the mindset of my character i.e. the work events and the journal, where I could not read the post it notes either, and a lot of objects that I picked up were unexplained and I didn't exactly know what they did for my character. Overall it was an interesting experience and I liked the style of it but, I just feel like there could be a bit more explanation and direction. 


Thank you for the feedback. We struggled to find the right balance of explaining versus letting the player explore and discover.

I think we erred a little bit on the side of not enough clarity.

Really appreciate your feedback! And thanks for sharing the video!


Great game! Love the ending!

Thank you so much for posting this video! This is awesome!

Pretty nice game! The atmosphere is just overwhelming. At the game edit page you can add the LudumDare link, and people, who participated can rate your game :) Or a link in the description is helpful as well :) 

There actually already was a link in the Description.

We didn't see that there was a separate field for an LDJam specific link. I added that now too. Thanks for the suggestion!


Wow what a great job creating the mood. Hey, you should consider adding your ldjam link to this page on itch.io, because a lot of people are finding your game here, not through ldjam, if that makes sense. Anyway, great job.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will do that.


Just played your game! really had fun in terms of finding stuff in the other zone. The journal gave it more depth and would like to see more of it :D

It wont work 

What kind of issue are you having?

Are you on Windows or the Web Version?

(1 edit)

It hasn't loaded at the loading screen after I pressed start. All it shows is the controls. And the web version.

I'm so sorry about that!

That is very strange. It must be some unique streaming media problem. The game is a little bit large, so maybe on some internet connections it doesn't come through.

Maybe try downloading and playing the Windows or Mac desktop version? Then you shouldn't be impacted by internet streaming issues.

I wish i could but because of the dumb computer I cant open files. Thank you anyway.